Sustainable Incineration In Papua New Guinea

Mining Incinerator

Summary Complete mining camp waste disposal incineration solution for the largest active mining operation in Papua New Guinea. G500 Containerised Incineration Facility Automated Loading Systems Destroys Up To 500kg Waste An Hour Protects Against Environmental Damage Dispose Of General/Municipal Campsite Waste Support Regulatory Oversights Disposing of the waste at Papua New Guineas’ Largest Mine Addfield…

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Ecological Solution To Gold Mining Waste

Gold Mine Incinerator in The Middle East

Summary General and cyanidation waste disposal incinerator for large gold mining operations in the Middle East. Hazardous Waste Incineration Facility Sustainable Installation Optimised For Large Waste Loads Suitable For Gold And Silver Mining Dispose Of Toxic Byproducts Of Precious Metal Extraction Complete Solution For Camp Site Waste Gold Mine Incineration In The Middle East Addfield…

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Transforming Medical Waste Disposal In Kuwait

Kuwait High Capacity Incinerator

Summary One tonne an-hour medical waste incinerator installed in Kuwait for MRC to improve environmental sustainability. C1000 Clinical Incineration Facility Automated Loading Systems Optimised Contaminated Waste disposal Waste-To-Energy Facility Dispose Of Hospital and Health Centre Waste Hot Water Heating Generation Transforming Medical Waste Disposal In Kuwait Following over two years of development, we were incredibly…

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Restoring The Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical Incinerator with Waste Oil Burner

Summary Advanced oil contamination and campsite waste incinerator developed for one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies. G20 Containerised Incineration Facility Automated Loading Systems Optimised Contaminated Waste disposal Prevent Environmental Damage Dispose Of General Campsite Waste Support Regulatory Oversights Ecological Contaminated Waste Incinerator Keeping the environment clean during oil extraction has become essential…

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Medical Waste Management Facility

C1000 Isle Of Wight Case Study

Summary 1000 Kilogramme an hour hazardous waste incinerator installed on the Isle of Wight. C1000 Hazardous Waste Incineration Facility Stepped Hearth Incinerator Hydraulically Powered Automatic Loading Waste Oil Recycling Burners Integrated Into Existing Municipal Waste Systems Sophisticated Central Control Systems How Proper Waste Management Protects the Environment In 2006, Addfield successfully installed a state-of-the-art medical…

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Waste Oil Incinerator For Gas and Oil Sites

Gas and Oil Extraction Site Incinerator Addfield Projects

Summary Oil processing site incinerator for mixed hazardous waste to sustainably maintain the ecology of the region Complex Hazardous Waste Incinerator Waste Oil Powered Burners Advanced Venturi Flue Gas Cleaning US EPA And EU Standards Compliant Fully Sustainable Installation Disposal Of Waste Generated From Oil And Gas Extraction Custom solutions for diverse waste disposal At…

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Precious Metal Reclamation

Summary Precious metal recovery system, yielding significant returns incorporating a fully automated, compliant incineration system with end-to-end traceability. Precious Metal Reclamation System Fully Automated Operation Complete Tracking And Traceability Spanning Two Floors On Facilty Complete Advanced Abatement System Thermal Recovery System The Significant Benefits Of Waste Recycling. While the environmental benefits of recycling are widely…

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