Complete mining camp waste disposal incineration solution for the largest active mining operation in Papua New Guinea.

  • G500 Containerised Incineration Facility
  • Automated Loading Systems
  • Destroys Up To 500kg Waste An Hour
  • Protects Against Environmental Damage
  • Dispose Of General/Municipal Campsite Waste
  • Support Regulatory Oversights

Disposing of the waste at Papua New Guineas' Largest Mine

Addfield Projects, a UK-based company with an international reach, has successfully transformed the impact that hazardous and non-recyclable waste will have on the environment of Papua New Guinea. Installing a state-of-the-art G500 general/municipal waste incinerator at the Ok Tedi, Mount Fubilan mine. The installation, which took more than four weeks to complete, was carried out by Addfield Projects' team of specialist engineers alongside a local team supported by the company's distributor for the region Aust Combustion Engineering.


G500 High Capacity Mining Waste Incinerator

The G500 incinerator has been installed to replace the previous machine, which had reached the end of its functional life. It has been selected by Ok Tedi Mining(OTM), which has operated the Copper, Gold and Silver mine for the past 20 years. It has been installed to dispose of all the waste produced on site from the workers in the daily operation of the mine as well as the waste generated as a direct by-product.

The G500 incinerator can dispose of 500kg of mixed non-recyclable and hazardous waste an hour, keeping it from ending up being transported off the island to a landfill or, worse yet, finding its way into the ocean. This is really essential on an island with limited resources for waste disposal.

Environmental Approach To Waste

This new G500 incinerator is an environmental investment in the open pit mine and the community that operates it, as it will improve site safety and performance by using the latest in incineration technology. Benefitting from an automatic loading system, the G500 can cleanly dispose of up to 500kg of waste every hour it is in use. Having a stepped hearth primary chamber, it will be able to reduce the volume by as much as 97%, which will be removed automatically through the included deashing system. To further improve the environmental efficiency of the installation, the G500 is also equipped with waste oil-fired burners which will allow the waste oil created on-site to be used as fuel for the burners rather than causing a hazard for the community.

The entire installation, which weighed in, in excess of 50 tonnes, was delivered pre-installed and housed within two 40ft containers. The lower housing the incinerator’s stepped hearth primary loading and incineration chamber, and the upper container the flue gas cleaning secondary chamber, which ensures a full 2-second retention to clean the gasses thoroughly prior to releasing them back into the environment via the chimney stack.

Self Sufficeint Waste Disposal Facility

The Ok Tedi mine is more than just an open pit mining operation; it is an entirely free-standing closed compound facility that includes accommodation blocks for the workers alongside a restaurant and shops, all of which generate waste that can now be safely disposed of in the G500 incinerator. The installation of this G500 is a great opportunity for the mine to clean up the environment and dispose of all the waste produced on-site.

This Project Has Included:

  • Waste Oil Burner
  • Ram Charger, Automatic Loading For General Waste
  • Screw Feed Deashing System
  • Optimised Control Systems
  • Twin Containerised Permanent Facility

An Investment Into The Future

Overall, Addfield Projects' installation of the G500 incinerator at the Mount Fubilan mine in Papua New Guinea is a sustainable investment that will deliver more than just financial returns in being much more economical to operate and maintain. It is also a great opportunity for the Ok Tedi mine to clean up the environment and dispose of all the waste produced from open-pit mining. This installation is already being established within social development programs on the island as a way to offset and reduce the impact that the mine has on the ecology of Papua New Guinea, and it is a fantastic example of a major mining operation taking the environment seriously and investing in a project that will benefit not just those operating it today but also many years into the future. A real investment into the ongoing clean environment of Papua New Guinea and an installation that everyone involved with is equally proud of.