Oil And Gas Site Waste Disposal

To protect the environment from unnecessary damage caused by the processes completed through oil and gas extraction. Addfield Projects have a selection of incinerators designed alongside oil and gas companies to deliver the appropriate levels of protection as laid out in most countries' operation and permitting terms.

Waste incinerators are essential to operating remote and hard-to-access oil and gas sites generating multiple waste streams and often combining general operational and municipal waste types created by the daily activities onsite.

Additionally, these incinerators are optimised to remove waste oil from the environment and also contaminated sand, soil and aggregates. Optimised loading chambers and systems can transport contamination into the incineration chamber at a controllable rate, ensuring that materials can be freed from oil and can be returned as ash straight back into the environment it originally came from.

Including an optional duel fuel or waste oil burner, which can be used alongside a processed fuel burner, delivers the ability to remove used fuels at the source.

Flexible Solution To Oil Waste

Due to the often-inhospitable environments that oil and gas campsites are situated. Our site incinerators are available as primary facility installations and semi-mobile containerised solutions.

Containerised incinerators can come equipped with additional features, including; loading via ram-charger or screw-feeder, as well as extra fuel tanks and filtration systems.

Each campsite incinerator will be designed with you and our team of design engineers to ensure appropriate systems are incorporated to suit your environmental targets whilst improving operational efficiency.

Providing Reliable Solutions
For Oil And Gas Site Waste Disposal!

As experts in thermal waste treatment, we pride ourselves on our flexible approach to solving your problems. We can work with you at every stage to design a facility that delivers reliable and sustainable waste disposal for decades to come. When you are ready to discover the benefits of working with us,

Get in touch today on +44 (0)1543 386 560 or email sales@addfieldprojects.com

Specialist Waste Oil Incinerators

As experienced designers of high-capacity and complex waste incinerators, Addfield Projects has solutions capable of automatically managing waste loads of up to 1,500kg an hour. Incorporating multiple loading and deashing options alongside advanced filtration systems ensures full compliance with even the most restrictive regulations.

Manufacturing and installing waste oil and campsite waste treatment facilities incorporating the latest advances in incineration technology. Each one is designed to your specific requirements alongside Addfields' long-established commitment to environmental efficiency and sustainability, delivering highly fuel-efficient incinerators that are safe to operate in all environments. These can be installed and commissioned globally using our international network of engineers.

Addfield Projects are ideally positioned to work with you to provide the most suitable oil disposal facility that you are looking for. Delivering machines at all scales and technicalities for even the most complex camp waste by-products.

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