Addfield Projects has been created to exclusively manage large-scale, complex and extraordinary waste disposal solutions.

Implementing an innovative approach to thermal waste treatment Addfield Projects are experienced in creating solutions to sustainably dispose of waste which is too complex to dispose of by alternate methods

Operating from the heart of England in Burntwood, Staffordshire. Addfield Projects deliver a global service. Accessing an international network of skilled and experienced engineers to install, commission and maintain the work carried out in more than 140 countries.

Our Team

Derek Carr Managing Director
Managing Director
Derek Carr is the Managing Director of Addfield, with over a decade of experience in the incineration and thermal treatment industry. Committed to designing, manufacturing and distributing industry-leading incinerators which exceed international standards.
James Grant Operations Director
Operations Director
James Grant is the Operations Director for Addfield. He plays a pivotal role at the heart of a business. Successfully overseeing all operational aspects of company strategy and helping set strategic goals for the business.
Harj Bhullar Engineering Manager
Head of Projects
I oversee the design, manufacture, implementation and ongoing support for all of our major projects. Joining Addfield in 2017, I have been expanding and managing the project team to bring in the most suitable professionals to ensure that every solution delivers consistent results environmentally, economically and reliably.
Addfield Projects Sales Manager James Riley
Sales Manager
I am genuinely proud to be able to bring my extensive experience of helping solve complex waste disposal requirements around the world to the innovative team at Addfield Projects. After joining in early 2023 I have had countless opportunities to help complete a number impactful and sustainable solutions.
Adam Hayes Senior Design Engineer
Senior Design Engineer
I supervise a team of expert engineers as we take the design of our bespoke facilities from the initial concept through to construction. Every project is an incredibly satisfying journey as I can be involved in the complete journey through to testing and final commissioning. When not in the office, you can find me in my workshop at home, tinkering on a number of personal projects.
Steve Pyatt Project Manager
Project Manager
I have a long career in project managing complex installations, including Nuclear, Off-Shore Handling and Defence. Responsible throughout the life cycle of all projects. It is a pleasure to be able to bring this experience to a number of dynamic projects and help ensure our facilities are the best on the market. When not overseeing such a venture, you can find me on the golf course or practising DIY.
Jo Rudge Project Administrator
Project Administrator
As a project administrator, it is my responsibility to manage the daily purchasing and administration for the team. Providing support for all of our engineers across the UK and Worldwide. I really enjoy the fast-paced environment where no two days are the same with the range of projects we have on.
Jing Yim Process Engineer
Process Engineer
I am responsible for designing and modelling the combustion systems for the incineration solutions we develop here. I find it to be a very varied and interesting role where I can work on projects that actually make a difference to the environment worldwide. Outside of the office, you can find me climbing the heights at several local bouldering gyms.
David Yates Projects Engineer
Projects Engineer
I have been a part of the team for many years and involved in all of the projects during this time. I am responsible for essential engineering documentation, P&IDs, and, most importantly, operating manuals for all our installations. I enjoy the challenges of working across all departments bringing designers and engineers together to complete our complex projects on time.
Sam Weaver Design Engineer
Mechanical Design Engineer
I am responsible for the fundamental design of components, assemblies and technical drawings. I really enjoy the wide range of projects that I am part of here and the opportunity to make a difference in developing new techniques and technologies. Beyond work, I am a passionate motorcyclist, collecting and restoring classic bikes alongside volunteering for the local Shropshire and Cheshire Blood Bikes Charity.

The Addfield Projects Story


1982 – The First Addfield Machine

In 1982 the very first Addfield incinerator was built. Designed and built by just one man to support the agricultural industry in the UK during a major Foot and Mouth outbreak. For the following 26 years, Addfield grew to become one of the UK’s most reliable and recognised agricultural incinerator manufacturers. Taking the ethos of being Simply Built Better than traditional incinerators by opting for an advanced thermal refractory rather than the cheaper cast concrete option commonly supplied. A foundation that puts quality above all else and would eventually lead to the creation of Addfield Projects almost 40 years later.

2008 – A New Direction

Welcoming a new owner in 2008 Addfield became Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd and transformed from being a one-person business to looking to take on much larger markets. Continuing to lead in the agricultural sector whilst also developing highly efficient and sustainable solutions for medical, aquacultural, and hazardous waste alongside what has become the industry standard of pet cremation.


2012 – Broadening Horizons

Branching out from being purely a UK supplier to an international one 2012 saw the first medical machines being sold internationally with a quarter of a million-pound contract and the first official Addfield export. Since 2012 Addfield has gone on to supply, install and support incinerators in more than 140 countries alongside winning several awards for our international success.


2016 – Joining forces

To further expand our expertise in high-capacity and complex waste streams in 2016 we brought Techctrol into the Addfield organisation. Bringing decades of complementary experience and knowledge of the industry to our already extensive skill set enabled Addfield to begin working on more high-capacity installations.


2017 – The Next Phase

In 2017 Addfield launched the high-capacity division, which would evolve to become Addfield Projects. Beginning with breaking ground on what would become one of the UK’s most advanced Waste To Energy systems for the NHS, alongside developing precious metal recovery systems and petrochemical waste disposal.


2021 – Welcome to Addfield Projects Ltd

Following continued success as a part of Addfield Environmental Systems, Addfield Projects became its own independent entity as Addfield Projects Ltd. Transferring the team responsible for the dramatic success alongside bringing in a team of experts in their field to reliably deliver sustainable solutions for disposing of diverse and challenging waste. Launching with a full order book and a two-year waiting list Addfield Projects Ltd went straight to working on several exciting projects.


2022 – New Premises

Following continued expansion in staff numbers to keep up with demands we had outgrown our initial units. In late 2022 we moved into our private dedicated two-story office building. Internally designed by our own projects team to create a creative thought-provoking space that encourages innovation and enables highly efficient inter-departmental working. Celebrating the success achieved in a short space of time and preparing for the next phase of growth.