Precious Metal Reclamation

The usage of precious metals is commonplace in the manufacture of technical and luxury goods. Ranging from common metals such as stainless steel and copper to valuable precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

For the more industrial metals, the reclamation of swarf produced in the manufacturing process is automated and generally of a scale which can be completed manually. Precious metal swarf has a much higher value per gram and is commonly much smaller in scale, requiring a far more advanced approach to recover the maximum amount.

Often overlooked by many industries, the financial benefits available through utilising a precious metal recovery system supplied by Addfield Projects have been proven to rapidly pay for themselves, enabling the companies to recirculate these precious metals back into their production cycle.


Global Solution To Precious Metal Recovery

Precious metal recovery requires a sophisticated approach to thermal waste treatment. In comparison, traditional waste disposal operates at extremely high temperatures to reduce all of the waste to approximately 3% volume. When approaching precious metal recovery, a different process must be followed to destroy unwanted material whilst enabling the valuable metals to be reformed post-incineration.

Working with a mixture of materials that have been directly and indirectly in contact with precious metals and can contain small valuable flakes. The incinerators direct prepared waste containers containing the contaminated materials into the furnace for conversion.

The entire process utilises the most current approach to incineration to ensure that the maximum levels of recyclable metals are achieved and can be moved forward into re-smelting.


Reclaim Valuable Resources With
Precious Metal Recovery Incinerators!

As experts in thermal waste treatment, we pride ourselves on our flexible approach to solving your problems. We will work with you at every stage to design a facility that delivers reliable and sustainable reclamation for decades to come. When you are ready to discover the benefits of working with us,

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Precious Metal Incinerators

These facilities have been developed using our extensive experience working with hazardous materials. Our precious metal solutions have the most advanced control systems that you will find on an incinerator. Capable of weighing, tracking and preparing many different precious metal streams while minimising human interaction to ensure maximum financial and operational returns.

These are developed on a project-by-project basis with your usage in consideration. Every precious metal recovery solution is designed with your facility, waste type and reclamation process in mind to ensure the highest value of results is achieved.

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