Addfield Projects designs and manufactures solutions based on our customer's needs. Bringing our decades of experience in providing innovative thermal waste treatment facilities enables us to deliver solutions to virtually any need you may have.

We currently operate across seven core waste areas; however, if you do not see your waste type listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we regularly provide fully bespoke solutions.

To learn more about each industry, please click on the relevant links below.

Clinical Waste

Providing large-scale clinical waste incinerators for hospitals, health centres and specialist laboratories.

Processing between 250-1500kg/hr 

Advanced waste-to-energy options are available. 

Animal Pathological Incinerators

Animal incinerator for bulk pet cremation, agricultural and hazardous animal waste disposal

Processing between 250-1500kg/hr 

Stepped and rotary hearth options are available. 

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Oil and Gas Site Waste Disposal

For the disposal of all oil and gas site waste created in the extraction of fossil fuels.

Processing between 20-1500kg/hr 

Fixed and semi-permanent options are available. 

Precious Metal Recovery

Reclaim precious metals used in producing luxury goods, jewellery and electronics.

Advanced automation for maximum returns. 

Rapid return on investment. 

Mining Waste Disposal

Combination disposal for general and hazardous chemical waste used in the mineral mining process.

Processing between 150-1000kg/hr 

Advanced filtration systems are available. 

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Environmentally sustainable approach for disposing of all forms of hazardous waste.

Processing between 250-1500kg/hr 

Advanced waste-to-energy options are available. 

General/Municipal Waste Disposal

Non-recyclable general and municipal waste incinerators.

Processing between 250-1500kg/hr 

Advanced waste-to-energy options are available.