Animal Waste Disposal

Animal waste disposal incinerators are an essential part of the agricultural production industry. They are installed in facilities at every stage, from farm to fork. They are helping to reduce the impact of non-recyclable organic waste alongside providing essential biosecurity benefits.

Incineration has become the accepted approach to animal waste disposal, securely disposing of all forms of animal waste and fallen livestock.

A high-capacity livestock incinerator provides a reliable and secure process for destroying the majority of organic waste from farms and livestock facilities, dramatically reducing the volume of solid waste to dispose of through thermal waste treatment by as much as 97% of its original volume.

Global Solution To Farm Incineration

You can already find Addfield animal waste disposal incinerators installed on farms, abattoirs and rendering plants of all sizes, operating as critical components of the production cycle.

Off-the-shelf solutions are commonly able to manage small to medium farms and operations.

As the rise in intensive livestock systems, known as 'Super Farms,' continues globally, the need for much larger agricultural waste disposal facilities has grown.

Providing Industry Leading Solutions For
High-Capacity Animal Waste Disposal!

As experts in thermal waste treatment, we pride ourselves on our flexible approach to solving your problems. We can work with you at every stage of the process to design a facility that delivers reliable and sustainable waste disposal for decades to come. When you are ready to discover the benefits of working with us,

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Specialist Animal Incinerators

We are experts at manufacturing and installing animal waste disposal thermal treatment facilities utilising the latest advances in incineration technology, incorporating multiple loading and deashing options alongside advanced filtration systems, ensuring full compliance with even the most restrictive regulations.

Designed alongside our customers' specific requirements alongside Addfields' long-established commitment to environmental efficiency and sustainability, delivering highly fuel-efficient incinerators that are safe to operate in all environments.

Addfield Projects animal waste disposal incinerators can be installed and commissioned globally using our international network of engineers.

Addfield Projects is ideally positioned to work with you to provide the most suitable animal disposal facility that you are looking for. Delivering machines at all scales and technicalities for even the most confidential animal waste by-products.

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