Oil processing site incinerator for mixed hazardous waste to sustainably maintain the ecology of the region

  • Complex Hazardous Waste Incinerator
  • Waste Oil Powered Burners
  • Advanced Venturi Flue Gas Cleaning
  • US EPA And EU Standards Compliant
  • Fully Sustainable Installation
  • Disposal Of Waste Generated From Oil And Gas Extraction

Custom solutions for diverse waste disposal

At Addfield, we place a strong emphasis on adaptability in order to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our machines are frequently used across multiple sectors and are even optimized for specific types of waste, such as animal processing in agriculture. Our goal is to thoroughly understand our customers' needs to ensure the highest standards of incineration.

In situations where more flexible waste disposal methods are required, we work closely with our customers to develop custom solutions that can deliver consistent results. By approaching each project with this level of customization, we are able to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique demands of each customer.

Waste management solution in Guyana

In 2020, Addfield was approached to provide a solution for an oil processing site in Guyana for Lamor on behalf of oil and gas producer, Exxon. Lamor is a renowned global leader in providing solutions that promote a cleaner environment for the future, and their mission of "Let's clean the world" aligned well with Addfield's commitment to delivering solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

The opportunity to work with Lamor on this project was an honor, as it was based on Addfield's reputation for delivering successful and impactful solutions. Although this was not the first installation for an oil production site, the unique nature of this project demanded a custom approach.

Comprehensive waste management facility for oil and gas waste

Lamor aimed to establish a comprehensive waste management facility, primarily to dispose of the mixed and hazardous waste produced from land and offshore oil and gas generation. The facility was designed to accommodate a large daily waste output, averaging between 1-2 tons, which prior to the implementation of the incinerator had been disposed of using various methods with varying levels of environmental impact.

The installation incorporated the incineration of waste oil to enhance environmental sustainability. In addition to conventional diesel burners, the main burner on the incinerator's rear door was a dual fuel burner connected to both the diesel tank and a thermally insulated and heated waste oil burner, allowing for the repurposing of some waste.

To meet the demands of high daily output, the installation featured advanced loading options, including a pneumatically powered ram loader and charger with a bin tipper.


A Customer-Centric Solution

Ensuring compliance with environmental regulations is of utmost importance when handling a wide range of waste products. Despite operating in a region with less stringent regulations, the installation was designed to meet both US EPA and EU standards to align with our shared commitment to environmental sustainability. To achieve this, an oversized Venturi Wet Scrubber system was incorporated to thoroughly clean and purify the flue gases before releasing them back into the environment.

Expanding Beyond Waste Oil Incineration

Given the remote location and diverse range of operations at the site, a robust waste management system was necessary to safely dispose of a wide variety of waste materials, including.

  • Dry Filters
  • Wood
  • Punctured Aerosol / pressurized spray cans
  • Empty plastic Drums/IBC’s
  • Used lube oil/motor oil
  • Contaminated hydrocarbons (contaminated crude, diesel, etc.)
  • Oily Debris (rags, gloves, wood, vegetation, sorbent pads, paper, etc.)
  • Oily Filters and Oil Filter Sludge
  • Paint waste
  • Medical waste
  • Drum rinse
  • Pigging waste
  • Used drilling muds (NAF) not discharged with cuttings
  • Oil contaminated completion brines
  • Unused or contaminated solvents/chemicals
  • Glycol
  • Oil sludge/Tank bottom sludge
  • Contaminated drums, containers, packaging (metal or plastic)

Bespoke Solutions Address Customers Needs.

This showcases the capability of incineration in providing solutions that not only manage waste but also prioritize environmental protection. Addfield stands out as a leader in the industry due to our dedication to customizing solutions to meet specific customer requirements, as demonstrated by our specialized waste oil incinerator.

For additional information regarding our tailored Gas, Campsite, and Waste Oil Incinerators, please reach out to our sales team to initiate the inquiry process.