Precious metal recovery system, yielding significant returns incorporating a fully automated, compliant incineration system with end-to-end traceability.

  • Precious Metal Reclamation System
  • Fully Automated Operation
  • Complete Tracking And Traceability
  • Spanning Two Floors On Facilty
  • Complete Advanced Abatement System
  • Thermal Recovery System

The Significant Benefits Of Waste Recycling.

While the environmental benefits of recycling are widely recognized, the industrial-scale value of waste may not always be apparent. Emerging industries have leveraged the precious metals present in mobile phones, such as gold, silver, and platinum. However, what if the waste consists mainly of gold? Are measures in place to minimize loss during production and maximize the recovery of these valuable resources?"

Leading Watchmaker Trusts Addfield To Deliver Solution.

We were approached by one of the world's leading manufacturers of luxury watches, renowned for their use of only high-quality 18-carat gold produced in their own foundries. With some watches containing as much as 70 grams of gold, the value of the waste produced during the manufacturing process can be substantial. As a manufacturer utilising only premium-quality steel, we are aware of the potential for significant amounts of metal waste to be generated as a byproduct of production. However, when the material in question is worth more than £50 per gram, it becomes imperative to thoroughly examine and optimize the process to maximise the recovery of these valuable resources.

The Optimal Method For Recuperating Gold And Other Precious Metals.

The development and implementation of this solution required significant planning and communication over a period of 18 months, including 12 months of production, installation, and commissioning. The ongoing COVID-19 situation presented additional challenges, particularly in terms of the ability of our engineers to travel across Europe to the home to the largest concentration of luxury watch manufacturers and a substantial portion of the world's production of luxury timepieces.

We were tasked with assisting a leading manufacturer of luxury watches in updating their approach to reclaiming precious metals and materials from the production process. Their existing system had reached its limits of effectiveness and was in need of modernization to meet EU regulations and to address issues including releasing harmful fumes and overall inefficiency. In most cases, the replacement of equipment can be a more cost-effective solution than repair, especially when the replacement offers added benefits and increased efficiency. In this instance, each kilogram of waste processed through the new machine has the potential to yield £2,000 worth of precious metal, making the upgrade a sound investment.

A Solution Developed With The Customer

At Addfield, we are dedicated to pursuing ongoing research and development. Our philosophy of always striving to improve and enhance our machines has become a cornerstone of our business. This approach, integrated into our standard product range, prepared us to tackle a prestigious project of this nature. However, this project posed a unique challenge, as it deviated from our typical machine designs. To meet the customer's specific requirements, our teams revisited the design process and worked collaboratively across all departments.

Members of the design and production teams made on-site visits to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire process and ensure efficient utilization of available space. Furthermore, to ensure seamless communication and collaboration with the customer, our team utilized remote conferencing and held regular meetings to discuss progress and developments, including installing a webcam in the factory to enable them to monitor the progress of the machine consistently. This proactive approach enabled us to deliver a machine that exceeds even the most demanding expectations.

Method For Retrieving Precious Metals Through Incineration

At Addfield, we prioritize compliance with evolving legislation and regulations in order to guarantee long-term conformity. In designing a solution for precious metal recovery through incineration, we took a comprehensive approach, incorporating lessons learned from previous systems and incorporating the following features:

  • A fully automatic operation.
  • End to end tracking systems includes complete traceability between labs.
  • Advanced operation consisting; automatic loading, processing,
    discharge, cool down, precious metal reclamation.
  • Improved conformity with current
  • Health and Safety guidelines through automation.
  • Full abatement system.
  • Thermal Recovery.
  • The entire operation has been designed to operate across two floors ensuring maximum user benefits.

Complete Transparency Throughout The Design, Construction And Installation

During the production of the machine for this unique project, Addfield welcomed the customer's visits to the factory and provided dedicated online webcams for remote monitoring. The Factory Acceptance Test was completed successfully, and the system was disassembled and shipped to the site.

Addfield Projects, a specialized division within Addfield dedicated to the design, production, installation, and maintenance of bespoke incinerators and high-capacity solutions across all waste streams and industries, delivered this project with excellence.

The system has been in operation for an extended period and has provided user-friendly and efficient results with high-quality returns, while also adhering to EU regulations and being better for the environment.

Addfield is now in the planning stages for multiple luxury goods manufacturers and is poised to embark on similar projects in the near future.